Dinosaur Bodies

This week, we learned about dinosaur bodies. We talked about their heads, feet, and tails. Dinosaurs have similar body parts to us, but they look different. Thank you Mother Goose Time for sending creative and fun art activities for this week that helped us transform our own bodies into dinosaurs. Dinosaur Heads What do you see … More Dinosaur Bodies

Empathetic Dinosaurs

We have been learning about all kinds of dinosaurs this week. Tyrannosaurus Rex, Brontosaurus, Stegosaurus, and Triceratops are among a few. Throughout the week, we have been talking about empathy and what it means to be empathetic. I have been observing the students looking to see if they are applying what I am teaching by … More Empathetic Dinosaurs

We Are Paleontologists

Welcome back!! This month we are learning about dinosaurs. Theme and materials are provided by Mother Goose Time. Yesterday, we pretended to be paleontologists at an excavation dig site. The students pretended to find dinosaur fossils in the sand. We glued the fossils on our paper, then we poured sand on top. We used a paintbrush … More We Are Paleontologists

Dinosaur Dig

Happy New Year!! I hope everyone had a fun and safe holiday break. This month starts our new unit on Dinosaurs from Mother Goose Time. I’ve been busy getting ready for next week. I wanted to write a post about how I prepare for a new unit. First, I look through the Teacher Tool Box … More Dinosaur Dig