My Food Plate

** I receive curriculum from Experience Early Learning (formally known as Mother Goose Time) for honest and authentic stories resulting from my daily experiences using the curriculum. This is my 6th year using Experience Early Learning, and I am pleased to promote quality educational learning experiences through play with Experience Early Learning.

I can’t believe it’s July! This year is flying by so quickly. We are in a new month and that means a new theme with Experience Early Learning. Because of COVID-19 and businesses closing temporarily, we were given a different box then the one that was originally planned for the month of July. And I have to say, “It’s the perfect box for my kids!” We were given the box “Health and Fitness”. This box couldn’t have come at a more perfect time for many reasons.

  1. My kids and I just listened to a podcast about food. (My kids are pretty picky eaters). One of the professional chefs (Chris Kimball) commented, saying something like, (I don’t remember the exact quote), “Parents, don’t force your kids to eat the foods they don’t like. If they don’t like broccoli, don’t force them to eat broccoli. There are so many types of fruits and vegetables out there. Expose them to a variety and they will find something they like. And kids, try new vegetables and fruits. You may discover one you like.” This has been awesome for both parties involved because I stopped forcing my kids to eat the healthy food that I wanted them to eat and they have tried way more fruits and vegetables then I ever thought I could get them to eat. This doesn’t mean they still aren’t picky. But my most picky child discovered that she really likes Brussel sprouts, cooked broccoli, and grapes. These are three things that I never would have dreamed of getting her to eat before. So, as we were learning about the different food groups this week, we have tried to discover more healthy foods that she loves that we may have never thought to try before.
  2. My older daughter is really into cooking and I noticed that one of the weeks is all about kitchen safety.
  3. We listened to a different podcast and they mentioned that kids should be exercising at least an hour every day. Whoops. My girls heard that and have made me be more active with them the last few days. We will learn more about exercising later this month and I’m sure my kids will have lots to teach me.
  4. The last week is all about staying healthy and germs. I think it is fitting for the kind of world we are living in right now.

I think it goes without saying that I am super excited to learn about Health and Fitness with this Experience Early Learning Curriculum.

This first week was all about different types of food: Grains, Dairy, Fruits, Vegetables, and Protein. We had a lot of fun learning about these food groups.

We played a shape matching game. I hid the shape manipulatives in a tray filled with oats. The kids looked through the oats to find the different shapes. Once they found the shape, they matched it to the same shape on the poster. We had a lot of fun playing around in the oats.

Shape Matching Game from Experience Early Learning

We also pretended to be cooks. We took turns pretending to be a customer and the chef. The customer ordered a sandwich. They got to choose whether they wanted lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese on their sandwich. When it was my turn to be the chef, my kids tried to order complicated sandwiches to see if they could stump me. One daughter said, “I’d like a sandwich that goes cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, cheese, cheese. Got that?”

Sandwich Making Game from Experience Early Learning

We planted a pretend vegetable garden. This was also a matching game where the kids had to pick a card and say if it’s a vegetable or not. If it is a vegetable, they “plant” it in the garden. It was fun seeing the different veggies that we’ve tried and remembering the ones we liked but haven’t eaten in a while.

Below shows a picture of magnets that go along with the storybook of the month from Experience Early Learning. We had a lot of fun manipulating the magnets to make the boy do different moves. The girls described where the apple was in each scene. “On” his head and “next to” his arm are just a few examples of how they would describe the apples position in relation to the boy.

This month, we are learning the letter A. My 2 year old has been really in to coloring lately. These alphabet coloring books from Experience Early Learning are perfect for him.

“My A Book” alphabet books from Experience Early Learning

Next week is all about being in the kitchen and cooking! I am excited for this one because my kids have really wanted to be more independent lately with cooking their own food. It will be good to learn about safety in the kitchen.

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