We Wear Clothes

This week is a short week because of fall break. I had to combine lessons and activities from the whole week to make sure we covered everything I wanted to teach. We learned about the letter H this week, so I focused a lot on hats. We wear hats. We did an activity at the … More We Wear Clothes

It Smells

This week we learned about our five senses. Over the entire week, the kids got to look for treasures in sand; sort objects that make loud sounds and quiet sounds; taste things that are salty, sweet, juicy, sour, and crunchy; touch things that are smooth, soft, scratchy, rough, and hard; and smell things that smell … More It Smells

We Want More

This year I am trying something new with my students. Mother Goose Time has workbooks called “More Math” and “More Literacy”. So far, I like the books. Some of the pages seem a little too advanced for my students. But, they are gettting it. So far, we’ve only done 2 pages in each of the … More We Want More

My Daily Schedule

It happened. I heard something I have never heard before at preschool. One of my students said, “I’m done playing. Can we clean up?” What! Done playing? The other students quickly agreed. So, we cleaned up and did an extra learning activity, which surprisingly enough, looks like structured play. These students seem to like the … More My Daily Schedule

Meet The Teacher

Earlier this week, I had “Meet The Teacher.” I am excited about the new group of students I have this year. At “Meet the Teacher”, I read my students “Maisy Goes to Preschool” by Lucy Cousins. As Maisy goes through each activity at preschool, I had my own students do a little activity that was similar. … More Meet The Teacher