As a preschool teacher, I count A LOT. I use counting as my way to get my student’s attention so that we can transition into new activities. I like to count backwards from 5. When my students hear me counting, I expect them to stop what they are doing, look at me, and listen. They … More 5..4..3..2..1

Hexagon Egg Hunt

Learning is a process of inquiry and investigation. I have loved using the Mother Goose Time curriculum for that reason. Their activities are laid out in three sections that include questions and exploration. The sections are: Discuss, Explore, and Play. DISCUSS In this section, there is always a question to ask the students that gets … More Hexagon Egg Hunt

Happy New Year!

I am very excited for the new year. Each month, Mother Goose Time sends a celebration kit in their curriculum box. January’s celebration kit is a “Celebration of Peace.” Mother Goose Time gives a suggested order of activities and the amount of time to spend on each activity. I find this helpful because it frees up … More Happy New Year!

Color Ribbon Wand

Each month, Mother Goose Time sends a color ribbon wand in the kit. January’s focus color is orange. The wands are fun for the kids to wave around. It gets them using their gross motor skills as we play the color game. They must find something around the room that is the same color as … More Color Ribbon Wand