Me and My Pets

This week we learned about pets with Mother Goose Time. I have never owned a pet, but if I could have one, I would get a tortoise. In the words of one of my students, “Tortoises are calm, and slow so if you accidently let it out of its cage, you will be able to … More Me and My Pets

Me and My Feelings

This week, we focused on our feelings with Mother Goose Time. We practiced making facial expressions for each feeling. We learned about being happy, sad, surprised, scared, and mad. It was fun to see the students make different faces and it was even more fun watching the students guess what the person in the photo … More Me and My Feelings

Me and My Family

We started our new preschool year this week! It was so fun to meet all the new students and to get back into the routine of school. This month’s theme from Mother Goose Time is: Family and Pets. I LOVE this curriculum from Mother Goose Time for so many reasons. A lot of thought and … More Me and My Family