Flamingos and Beetles

This week we finished up our Safari theme. We learned about watering holes, trees, flamingos, and beetles! Learning about flamingos was fun. There were so many fine motor skills and gross motor skills involved with the flamingo activities. One of the first activities we did was pretend to be flamingos. I spread string around the … More Flamingos and Beetles

African Beads

This week has been so much fun learning about African life. Today we talked about African beads. We started off the day doing the community challenge. Mother Goose Time has included community challenges each day. These are activities that get the kids to work together to create or build something. I have loved these activities. … More African Beads


This has been a fun month of learning with Mother Goose Time’s curriculum theme: Going on Safari. This past week, we learned about some animals we might see while we are on a safari. One of those animals was the Zebra. I think the Zebra is one of the most interesting animals. Their stripes are … More Zebras

Safari So Good

This week, we got ready for a SAFARI! We packed our bags, got our passports together, made hats, made binoculars, and talked about safety. This month, we are learning the color orange. The students searched around the room for something that was orange. They brought their items back to circle time and shared it with … More Safari So Good