Halloween Party

Today was our Halloween party. We had a lot of fun! We started off the day with a costume “show and tell”. Each student shared what their costume was and why they chose to be that person or thing. We had a variety of people: Moana, Anna, Tinker Bell, Owlette, Lucinda the Witch, Minnie Mouse, … More Halloween Party

Learning Math

This week, we have done quite a few math activities. I have done a lot of observing and taking notes about what each of my students needs. Not every assessment has to be formal. I can observe the students as they work and play to see what they know and what I need to work … More Learning Math

Learning Letters

One of the things we learn in preschool is our alphabet letters. We learn to identify their symbol and their sound. Teaching letters is not always easy. Mother Goose Time has created fun and engaging activities for students to learn letters and sounds throughout the month. Learning Letters Through Coloring Pages Students visually see what … More Learning Letters

More Reinforcement

This month, we are learning about weather. At the beginning of the month we observed the monthly theme poster and spotted things in each picture that was similar and different. This year, I decided to do “More Math” and “More Literacy” workbooks (provided by Mother Goose Time) to help reinforce learning for my students. It’s … More More Reinforcement

Cloud Experiment

This week we learned about types of weather: sunny, cloudy, windy, and snowy. One day, we did an experiment with shaving cream, water, and blue food coloring. I asked the students what they thought clouds were made out of. The students weren’t quite sure how to answer that, but they were all certain that clouds … More Cloud Experiment