Dinosaur Bodies

This week, we learned about dinosaur bodies. We talked about their heads, feet, and tails. Dinosaurs have similar body parts to us, but they look different. Thank you Mother Goose Time for sending creative and fun art activities for this week that helped us transform our own bodies into dinosaurs.

Dinosaur Heads

What do you see on a dinosaurs head? First, we learned about dinosaur heads. We made dinosaur headbands that were unique to each child. Some children wanted their dinosaur to have pointy teeth, others wanted square teeth, and a couple even wanted their dinosaur to have no teeth. Each dinosaur looked fierce, but friendly, in it’s own way. One of my students asked me if she could make a triceratops. Of course, I said. She cut out horns to put on the dinosaur’s head. The students pretended to be dinosaurs and came up with their own dinosaur names. I have been impressed that the students have been able to recognize specific dinosaurs and call them by their correct name, like Tyrannosaurus Rex. They all agree that the T-Rex has the biggest head out of all the dinosaurs and looks the scariest.

2018-01-23-09-56-00.jpg    2018-01-23 09.58.392018-01-23 10.06.19    2018-01-23 10.08.39


Dinosaur Tails

What type of tail would you want if you were a dinosaur? Long or short? Fluffy or spiked? Next, we learned about dinosaur tails. The students were a little more confused with this activity. They thought they were supposed to draw the actual tail they wanted on the sheet of paper. I tried to explain several times that we were just decorating the paper and would cut it into strips. Then, we would tape the strips together to make the tail that we would stick on us and pretend to be dinosaurs. They didn’t understand until I took out my own piece of paper and did an example of what I meant. Then, they could visually see how the paper was going to turn into their very own dinosaur tail. They’re tails turned out so cute. Some did one strait color. Others did patterns and tried to make it look like scales or spikes. Everyone wanted their tail to be long. They all agree that long tails are the best kind of tail.

2018-01-25 10.29.00            2018-01-25 10.27.37            2018-01-25 09.58.32-1  2018-01-25 09.59.25-1


Dinosaur Feet

What could you do if you had really big feet? Last, we learned about dinosaur feet. The students thought it was funny to put on their dinosaur feet and stomp around the room to songs about dinosaurs. We compared our own feet to the dinosaur feet we made. Our feet are smaller. Everyone agreed that they liked having small feet. But, pretending to have big feet was fun for the day.


2018-01-25 10.08.45-1    2018-01-25 10.11.07-1    2018-01-25 10.26.43

This week has been so fun learning about the different parts of a dinosaur body and pretending to be dinosaurs.

** I receive curriculum from Mother Goose Time for honest and authentic stories resulting from my daily experiences using the curriculum. This is my 3rd year using Mother Goose Time, and I am pleased to promote quality educational learning experiences through play with Mother Goose Time!

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