Field Day

Field day was a success. My preschool field day looked a little different then an elementary school field day. I was going to set up stations where we race and compete, but I thought that might end in tears. We still did events like long jump and high jump, but we competed with ourselves instead … More Field Day

I Am The Doctor

This week has been really cold and rainy. We were planning to do a field day this week, but because of the weather, we decided to switch lesson plans around. So instead, this week we are learning about going to the doctor, growth, strength, balance, and rest. It was so fun to listen to the … More I Am The Doctor

Healthy Plate

This month we are learning about health and fitness. This week we learned about good food to eat: dairy, fruits, vegetables, grains, and protein. Today we learned about Proteins. I started the day off by tossing a ball to each child and asking them to share a food that is a protein. I had pictures … More Healthy Plate