Learning the Alphabet

This month, we have been learning the alphabet through play dough, games, and activities that Mother Goose Time has sent in the monthly curriculum box. The students are having a lot of fun learning letters through games and play. Play Dough  As part of the monthly curriculum, Mother Goose Time sends cookie cutter letters to … More Learning the Alphabet

We Are Chefs

This week, we learned about Chefs. We decorated chef hats provided by Mother Goose Time. Then, we worked together to make bread dough (activity idea also provided from Mother Goose Time). Before we got in the kitchen, we went over the rules of the kitchen. Kitchens can be dangerous. There are sharp objects, hot surfaces, … More We Are Chefs

Math = Play Time

The Mother Goose Time curriculum is full of learning games and activities that get kids to use their fine motor skills as well as their gross motor skills. One of the things I love most about the teacher guide that comes in every curriculum box is the suggestions at the bottom of each activity for … More Math = Play Time

Can I Have A Paintbrush, Please?

November’s monthly theme is Community Helpers. So far, we have learned about firefighters, dentists, and doctors. Mother Goose Time is getting creative with different tools used to create each art project. First, we learned about firefighters. For the art project, we drew red, orange, and yellow flames with paint. We used forks for our painting tool. … More Can I Have A Paintbrush, Please?