Little Bees

This week, we are finishing up our “Bees and Butterflies” theme from Mother Goose Time. We have learned so much! I think all of us are a little more terrified of Yellow Jackets, but we have a better understanding of bees and their purpose in life. I feel like the students are less afraid of … More Little Bees

Goodbye Butterflies

Today we said goodbye to our classroom butterflies. We let them go free in my backyard. The students held fruit and tried to get the butterflies to eat it, or drink the juice. We have had so much fun observing the butterflies this month. It’s difficult to say goodbye. They are migrating butterflies so, we … More Goodbye Butterflies

Monarch Butterflies

This month has been so fun! This week, we learned about so many interesting butterflies. One of our favorite days was learning about the monarch butterfly. Monarch butterflies migrate to places with warmer weather. I love teaching my students big words like: migration. For our community challenge from Mother Goose Time, we pretended to be … More Monarch Butterflies


I am so excited for this month’s new theme from Mother Goose Time: Bees and Butterflies. I bought caterpillars so we could observe the life cycle of the caterpillars up close as we explore this unit. They aren’t as cute as some of the other caterpillars we have been learning about…. These ones are Painted … More Caterpillars