We Care

This month has been so fun learning about our feelings and showing others that we care. We have been building our classroom community and are working on being kind to everyone. We also learned many skills and concepts. One thing we learned this month was what a circle is and what it looks like. Mother … More We Care


In my opinion, the key to any successful relationship, no matter what kind of relationship it is (teacher/student; mother/child; husband/wife; etc.) is communication. This week, at preschool we learned different ways we can communicate to others. We learned about body language, phones, computers, mail, and listening/speaking. I love that the students are learning ways to … More Communication

Our Feelings

This week we explored our feelings. In order to move the kids through multiple activities in a smooth way, I try to make transitions as smooth as possible. I have tried many class attention getters, but the one I found that works the best year after year with this age group is just simply counting … More Our Feelings

New Friends

I have had one of Mother Goose Time’s songs stuck in my head ALL week. The first line is, “Hold hands and make a circle, Include everyone.” I love it! This week has been all about making new friends, learning new routines, and having fun learning together. The beginning of a new preschool year is … More New Friends