Drawing Sunflowers

This month has been fun exploring art and discovering different ways to do art. We have loved each style so far. We have also had fun learning a little bit about the countries the art pieces came from. Mother Goose Time sent an inflatable globe in their curriculum box this month that we use every … More Drawing Sunflowers

Drawing Landscapes

This week we are learning about art from France. Specifically we talked about Monet’s Water Lily Pond painting. For our art activity, we made our own paintings with bridges in it. Mother Goose Time sent a cut out of a bridge for the student’s to use in their art, as well as blue and green … More Drawing Landscapes

Drawing Portraits

This month we are learning about art from all over the world. Mother Goose Time’s theme this month is Art Studio and we will be traveling to Italy, France, Spain, The Netherlands, and England to discover famous works of art. This week, we specifically talked about portraits and The Mona Lisa painted by Leonardo Di … More Drawing Portraits