Hot Cross Buns

Hot Cross Buns Hot Cross Buns One a penny, Two a Penny Hot Cross Buns If your daughters don’t like ’em Give ’em to your sons One a penny, Two a penny Hot Cross Buns What does each lesson or activity teach my child? Mother Goose Time has embedded the preschool standards into activities throughout the year, … More Hot Cross Buns


This week, we learned the sight words ‘look’, ‘and’, and ‘at’. Mother Goose Time sends I Can Read! books that are easy and predictable for the students. They know the pattern of the story and can easily follow along and guess what each sentence says by looking at the picture on the page. This months I Can Read! book … More Look!

Piggy’s Market

Assessing a child is one of the most important jobs as a teacher. You wouldn’t want to plan a whole lesson and spend the whole day on a concept that your child already knows. You also wouldn’t want to spend time on a concept that is difficult for them. Finding their level is key in … More Piggy’s Market