I Can Be Creative

This was the last week of the theme Community Helpers from Experience Early Learning (formally Mother Goose Time). We learned about creative jobs. These jobs include musicians, actors, dancers, writers, and illustrators. We had a lot of fun exploring each of these careers. Each preschool day, we do 4 activities from Experience Early Learning (formally … More I Can Be Creative

I Can Be A Banker

This week with Experience Early Learning (formally Mother Goose Time), we learned about factory workers, chefs, bankers, shopkeepers, and hairdressers. We had so much fun with this month’s preschool curriculum. We got to take each other’s orders, create different hairstyles with playdough on pictures of ourselves, and pretend to buy and sell things with fake … More I Can Be A Banker

I Can Be A Mailman

This week, we pretended to be mailmen with Experience Preschool (formally Mother Goose Time). We started the day with our community challenge. I wrote each child’s name on an envelope. I delivered their letters to them. They were a little disappointed because I forgot to put something in the envelopes!! But I had another idea. … More I Can Be A Mailman

I Can Be A Doctor

This week, we learned how to keep ourselves safe and healthy from Experience Early Learning (formally Mother Goose Time’s preschool curriculum). We had a fire drill, we practiced dialing 9-1-1, we learned how to brush our teeth, and we learned how to keep ourselves well. I thought the lesson on staying healthy was very fitting … More I Can Be A Doctor