This week, we learned about slugs. We made slime by mixing liquid glue, borax, and water. This idea was given to me by Mother Goose Time. If any of you were like me and are asking yourself, “What is Borax?”, it is laundry detergent. Anyway, this was a fun activity. The students got to help … More Slime

Build Your Own Insect

This week, we continued the theme “Bugs and Crawly Things” and learned about praying mantis’, walking sticks, and leaf insects. One activity we did used the insect builder maipulatives sent from Mother Goose Time. The students used these for a previous lesson last week and loved them. In the earlier lesson, the students had to make the … More Build Your Own Insect


This week, we started our new Mother Goose Time theme, Bugs and Crawly Things. Today we learned about Ladybugs. We started the day off by talking about spots. Some ladybugs have spots. We wrote our names on our name tags and put 4 or 5 spots on the back of the name tag, depending on … More Ladybugs