We Are Paleontologists

Welcome back!! This month we are learning about dinosaurs. Theme and materials are provided by Mother Goose Time.

Yesterday, we pretended to be paleontologists at an excavation dig site. The students pretended to find dinosaur fossils in the sand. We glued the fossils on our paper, then we poured sand on top. We used a paintbrush as a tool to help us carefully move the sand around so we could discover the bones. After we played around for a little bit, the students glued some of the sand onto their papers over the dinosaur bones.

Later, we played in some kinetic sand and searched for letters. I put some magnetic letters in the sand. I chose the letters “i” and “g” because we are learning the “-ig” word family this month. The other letters I chose were: b, d, f, j, p, w.

The students took turns searching for letters in the sand. Then, I took the -ig magnetic letters and laid them in front of the students. Each student picked a different letter. They had to identify the letter and say the sound. We worked together to blend the sounds and read the new words.

The students liked this activity a lot more then I thought they would. They thought it was neat that they were sounding out words and reading on their own.  


Mother Goose Time sent Paleontologist journals for the students. The students looked through the journals to see which dinosaurs they knew. One side of a page was a dinosaur and the other side was a blank page for notes and observations. We colored the dinosaurs in the book and some of the students scribbled lines on the blank page to make it look like they had taken notes on that particular dinosaur.    

The last thing we did was dig some more in the sand. This kinetic sand was such an attention grabber. The students were so excited to do all the activities that involved digging in the sand (which was almost all the activities). I hid the math links in the sand and the students had to dig to find them. I had them each dig for 10 links. The students had to practice counting to 10 and they also had to practice discipline. Some of the students wanted to take more then 10 and others just wanted to take all of a certain color. After we found our links, we sorted them by color. We also talked about the shape of the links: an oval.   

Being Paleontologists for the day was so fun! A few of the students remembered the word “Paleontologists” when we did our closing discussion for the day. I think this will be a day they remember for a long time.

** I receive curriculum from Mother Goose Time for honest and authentic stories resulting from my daily experiences using the curriculum. This is my 3rd year using Mother Goose Time, and I am pleased to promote quality educational learning experiences through play with Mother Goose Time!

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