We Are Birdwatchers

Today was the last day of our Birds and Eggs theme. It was fun reviewing all the birds we learned about this month from posters provided by Mother Goose Time. Today, we pretended to be birdwatchers and tried to spot as many different birds as we could outside. But, before we could do that, we made binoculars … More We Are Birdwatchers


Last week was all about parts of a bird: wings, bodies, beaks, feet, and tails. We have made some really cool things, including these cool bird beaks: My students have had a lot of fun learning about birds and pretending to be birds as well. They LOVE to role play. They NEED to role play. Preschoolers … More Birds

The Movement Cube

This month, we are learning about birds and eggs from Mother Goose Time. Yesterday, we learned about bird feet. This was a fun day because we not only pretended to be birds, but we were up and moving the whole day! We started with trying to use our feet to pick up links and placing … More The Movement Cube

Learning with Art

Art is a huge part in our everyday routine. There is always an art activity that goes along with the theme and what we are learning that day. Art helps children with motor skills, decision making, language development, inventiveness, and visual learning. This month, we are learning about birds. We have already done some amazing … More Learning with Art

Learning to Read

Learning to read can be fun, exciting, and sometimes frustrating. How can you tell if a student is ready to read? A few things I look for are : Interest – Does the student want to learn to read? If yes, great! If no, it will become very frustrating for everyone to force it. Try peaking … More Learning to Read