Teaching Literacy to Young Children

Teaching Literacy to young children is not always easy. Three and four year-olds have short attention spans. They get frustrated because they don’t know or understand something. A few don’t care about letters and reading because they just want to play. In preschool, literacy consists of teaching kids letter recognition, letter sounds, vocabulary, word families, … More Teaching Literacy to Young Children

Exploring the Ocean

We have had so much fun exploring ocean life this month. We are learning so many things about animals that live in the ocean. One of our favorite lessons this month from Mother Goose Time, was learning about and pretending to be scuba divers. The art activity for this lesson was to make a mask … More Exploring the Ocean

Ocean Commotion

This month’s new theme from Mother Goose Time is: Ocean Commotion. Each day was filled with exciting hands on activities that helped us explore the ocean. I introduced the kids to ocean water by doing an activity. First, I got the students a drink of regular water. Then, we talked about how the ocean is … More Ocean Commotion