Island Fun

** I receive curriculum from Experience Early Learning (formally known as Mother Goose Time) for honest and authentic stories resulting from my daily experiences using the curriculum. This is my 6th year using Experience Early Learning, and I am pleased to promote quality educational learning experiences through play with Experience Early Learning.

This is the last week of our Island theme. We have talked about island dancing, island music, and had a pretend luau!

We played a colors game. This activity was for my 2 year old, but he didn’t want to come play with us. So, the older girls and I played together. It was still fun! We each took turns choosing a colored flower. The rest of us would find that same color. Then, we’d sing a little song about that color that came from the lesson plans in Experience Early Learning’s teacher guide. We had to practice taking turns and following another person while we waited for our turn.

We have been pretending like we are on an island this week. If we were really on an island, we would be playing in the sand. We looked around the room for things we could build a pretend sandcastle with. The blocks at our block station worked perfectly! We each made our own sandcastle and then pretended to knock it down by stepping on it (like we would if it were sand).

Experience Early Learning always sends math word problems each month. The first few cards are easier. They might ask the kids to count out a certain number of math manipulatives. Or the card might ask the kids to add 2 numbers together. The last two cards are a little more challenging. Sometimes, the last challenge card is a multiplication problem! I love watching the kids think through the problem and figure out how to solve it.

In preparation for our Luau, I asked the girls to draw foods they like to eat In preparation for our Luau, I asked the girls to draw foods they like to eat at a party. One of my daughters drew her food on skewers or a spit. I thought it was really clever. I got really excited thinking that she was pretending to roast a pig. When I asked her, she said she was roasting candy and fruit. My other daughter drew doughnuts and apple juice. I guess their idea of a successful party is making sure there is dessert.

We each made a lei. I loved their different approaches to wearing the lei. I thought both were clever.

For our Luau, we made fruit smoothies. It was difficult to pull off something bigger like I had originally planned because my resources are limited. But, we did find a Hawaiian restaurant that we ordered our dinner from that night. It was delicious! 

We had a lot of fun pretending to explore islands this month. My girls really want to visit Hawaii someday. I think that would be awesome!

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