S is for Sheep

This is our final week for Mother Goose Time’s theme: A to Zoo animals. We had so much fun with it. This week we learned the letter S and we learned about sheep. We played a game called “Counting Sheep”. We rolled a die, identified the number, and then counted that many sheep. We used … More S is for Sheep

M is for Moose

We are having the best summer ever! I was a little worried because this is the first year where we didn’t have a summer vacation planned. We did a trip earlier in the year and we are doing one a little later in the year. So… we are stuck at home this summer… with temperatures … More M is for Moose

Letter of the Day

The summer is in full swing. We are busy with swim lessons, dance classes, library time, and other summer activities. I also love to do preschool activities with my kids in the summer because they always have so much fun!! My preschooler continues to get exposure to the things she needs to learn and my … More Letter of the Day