Farm Food

This week, we are learning about food that grows on the farm with our preschool curriculum from Experience Preschool (formally Mother Goose Time). We have done some pretty fun activities. We learned about wheat and made homemade bread. We learned about carrots and made a carrot puppet. We learned about corn and made a book … More Farm Food


This is my 6th year teaching preschool and I have really enjoyed this month’s theme: Down on the Farm. It makes me wish I lived closer to a farm. How cool would it be to go explore a real farm with my preschool kids and give them a first handlook of farm life? But, we … More Tractors

Barns and Silos

This week was a short week because we are on fall break. We were able to learn about barns and silos from Experience Preschool (formally Mother Goose Time). It was interesting to hear what the students knew about barns and silos. They all could tell me what a barn was, and they all thought a … More Barns and Silos

Farm Animals

This month’s theme from Mother Goose Time is: Down on the Farm. We had a lot of fun this week learning about animals on the farm. We did a lot of engaging activities and the students learned a lot. A lot of the activities were movement activities. The students LOVED these activities. It is so … More Farm Animals