Investigation stations are a huge part of my preschool curriculum. Children need the opportunity to explore, discover, question, and make decisions on their own. Mother Goose Time has a suggested investigation station built into each days activities. I make investigation stations a part of our curriculum each day. I ask a question and let the … More Choices


This past week has been busy. We were lucky to fit in a few Mother Goose Time preschool lessons. We continued learning about super heroes. We made our very own homemade hero capes. It was fun to see my girls create their capes. They designed them to fit their style and personality. My girls are … More Capes

Super Vision

This month, we are learning about super heroes. This is a fun theme! On Wednesday, we learned about how some heroes have super vision. We looked at the Theme Poster with magnify glasses. We searched for symbols, masks, capes, and things my child thought looked interesting. The theme poster is a great way to introduce … More Super Vision