Alphabet Bears Preschool

A life long love of learning starts here.


Philosophy and Goals:
Alphabet Bears Preschool strives to offer children an opportunity to develop with their five selves (physical, cognitive, emotional, social, and sensory development). The program provides learning experiences with the intent of meeting or exceeding the needs of all attending preschoolers, while addressing the Arizona Early Learning Standards It is a language-based, developmental preschool. That means activities focus on needs, interests, and developmental levels of individual children as well as the group. Research indicates that children learn through a multi-sensory (sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell) approach. Music, rhyme, and singing are important elements to the preschool curriculum; students glean listening and language skills though these activities. Phonemic awareness and phonics are taught through explicit and informal exposure. Our phonics program teaches and reinforces letter/sound relationships through rhythmic chants, alpha story characters, and print exposure. Children will also be introduced to word families and sight words, building essential knowledge for the new state standards, kindergarten and beyond.