Exploring Dirt

This was our last week with the exploring nature lessons. We explored dirt and I actually remembered to capture a picture of them playing in the dirt this time. One of our topics this week was about animals that live in the dirt. The art project for the day was to finish the hedgehogs quills. … More Exploring Dirt

Exploring Water

This week, we are exploring water. As I was looking back at pictures, I realized I don’t actually have any pictures of us with water. Photo fail! But, we had a lot of fun exploring and playing with water. We played a puddle jumping game. My student stood at the start line and jumped as … More Exploring Water

Exploring Air

One of my favorite things about teaching preschool is how excited the kids are about learning. It doesn’t really matter what they are learning as long as they are learning in an interactive way. Last week, we did some fun activities while we investigated air. One of our first activities we did was make a … More Exploring Air

Exploring Trees

This month’s new theme is Nature Detectives. Oh how I wish the weather was nicer here in the summer so we could spend all day outside. But, unfortunately, we are still under heat advisory. Any time the weather is over 100 degrees, we are advised to stay in doors (understandably so). I allow my children … More Exploring Trees