This week, we learned about Shells. We started off the day by coloring in our ABC book from Mother Goose Time.

2017-05-29 09.49.52

I never thought I would be a big coloring fan, but my kids are learning important fine motor skills that will help them with writing later on. We are practicing holding our crayons correctly, coloring in the lines, and even making sure we use more than one color (adding details to the picture).

Next, we practiced reading the cute easy readers provided in our box for this day from Mother Goose Time.

2017-05-29 10.02.42

For this book, the students are learning the sight words “here”, “are”, and “where”. I was surprised at how fast this little one picked up the pattern in the book. We read it through once together. Then, she read it back to me on her own! I know she just memorized the book, but I feel like it is still helping because she is pointing to each word as she reads it. I think she is recognizing the words as she says them.

2017-05-29 10.02.58

The next step I want to take is to look through other books to see if she can recognize those sight words and read them in other books.

2017-05-29 10.05.41

Students are more likely to remember words they are learning if they are brought up again and again into memory. I need to remember that when we are done with this month and start learning new sight words, I need to continue to practice these old sight words and build upon her word knowledge.

After reading our book, we did an “invitation to create”. This one was a little tough for me to wrap my head around. I wasn’t sure what we were suppose to do with the materials given. But, I decided to do it anyway and see if maybe the students had an idea of what it should look like…. (Now, I know the “invitation to creates” don’t really have a model. The students create whatever they want and it’s process art instead of product art. But, I usually have somewhat of an idea of where I think they will go with this.) I was pleasantly surprised.

This project had us making sand play dough.

2017-05-29 10.47.18

Once we mixed all the ingredients and got the dough formed, my student decided to form it onto a plate.

2017-05-29 11.02.31

This little girl had the idea to press the sea shells into the play dough because the play dough kind of looked like sand.

2017-05-29 11.04.42

Then, she noticed that the seashells were different colors in the picture. She wanted to paint her seashells different shades of orange.

2017-05-29 11.12.02

When we were all done, we had a bunch of plates that looked like cookies! Haha. But, they also looked like little beaches. It was actually pretty cool to see what my student could come up with on her own instead of having me direct her. I also loved asking her questions like, “What will you do with that?” and hearing her thought process for how and why she was going to do something.

2017-05-29 11.27.56

The last activity we did was a math activity. I had my student lay out the number cards in order on the floor. Then, I handed her some seashells. She laid down the number of seashells indicated on each individual card. This is a good activity to work on 1-1 correspondence, numerical order, and counting up.

2017-05-29 11.40.272017-05-29 11.40.382017-05-29 11.41.50

This week was fun! We are learning about sandcastles next. I can’t wait!

** I receive curriculum from Mother Goose Time for honest and authentic stories resulting from my daily experiences using the curriculum. This is my 2nd year using Mother Goose Time, and I am pleased to promote quality educational learning experiences through play with Mother Goose Time!

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