After being asked every day if we could learn about sandcastles, we finally learned about sandcastles. Yay!! This was my student’s favorite lesson so far. She loves sandcastles. I think it’s because she has so many previous memories of making sandcastles. She even shared a few of those memories with me. One thing that I have loved about this theme “Alphabet Island” (as well as all the other themes) is that it has real life application and experiences attached to it. Most students have been to the beach and can relate to at least half of the topics being taught.

Last months theme was bugs and crawly things. Most of the students have seen the bugs we learned about in real life and could share real life experiences about interacting with and observing those bugs. The students have a lot of insight on the topic and it keeps them engaged in the learning.

We started off the day by playing a game. First, you pick your game piece. The game pieces were different colored crabs. Next, you rolled the die. Last, you moved your crab that number of spaces. On each space there is a color and a number. Mother Goose Time sent connecting blocks in their curriculum box this month. When you land on the space, you pick up the number indicated of connecting blocks. But, you have to pick up the blocks that match the color in the space as well. When they game is finished, we took the blocks that we had collected and made block castles.

2017-06-01 07.53.502017-06-01 07.55.51

It was fun to see how creative these girls could get with building their block sandcastles. When we were done, we compared sizes. Then, we used all the blocks to make a tall castle.

The “invitation to create” project came with paper that looked like sand, blue paper, blue cellophane, and sand. I love how many ways this project could be interpreted. I saw on another blog that one student used the sand paper to cut out shapes. Then, she glued the shapes onto the blue paper to make a sandcastle. It looked so cute! My student wanted to cut the blue paper to make a sky and glued that to the sand paper. Then, she used the cellophane paper to make the water in the background. The sand was used to make an actual sandcastle by gluing an outline and dumping sand on the glue. Both ideas are creative and unique. There are so many create ideas and ways to build you own sandcastle. And I love that the students get that chance to be creative.

2017-06-01 08.42.16

2017-06-01 08.47.102017-06-01 08.49.42

After we were finished, we went to the park. Our park has sand at the playground. So, we brought our sandcastle toys and built our very own park sandcastle.

2017-06-01 10.22.39

A few days after this lesson, we went to the beach for a quick family vacation. This little girl was so excited to go explore. She wanted to find seashells, make sandcastles, look for crabs, and she even remembered to put sunscreen on!

2017-06-09 14.44.102017-06-09 14.49.37

This lesson was so much fun to teach. I love how enthusiastic the kids are about learning. We are learning about treasure maps next. I’m excited!


** I receive curriculum from Mother Goose Time for honest and authentic stories resulting from my daily experiences using the curriculum. This is my 2nd year using Mother Goose Time, and I am pleased to promote quality educational learning experiences through play with Mother Goose Time!

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