This month’s theme from Mother Goose Time is “Alphabet Island”. We started off the day by examining the monthly theme poster. “What do you see?”

2017-05-24 13.58.50

I love these posters because they have most of the daily themes incorporated into the picture. This little one says she sees, “volcanoes, crabs, caves, sand, a boat, the sun,” etc. These are things we will be learning about this month.

2017-05-24 13.59.13

It’s fun to get a sense of what she knows about these topics already before I begin the unit. And, she gets excited about it. (I think I’ve heard 3 times already, “When can we learn about sandcastles and caves?”  So, before we could continue with the boat lessons, I had to let her play in a tub of sand. She was too excited to wait until the sandcastle lesson.

2017-05-24 14.18.19

Her sandcastle looked good! I love that she has something to look forward to next week.

2017-05-24 14.49.26

Before we start learning about the topic of the day, I always show my students the daily topic poster and ask them what they know about the subject. It gives me an idea of where to take the lesson and whether or not I need to introduce new vocabulary. Then, we always read a book that goes along with the theme. Finally, we do the art project (invitation to create, or make-and-play).

2017-05-24 14.51.46

I loved the art activity we did today. My students had to cut apart pictures. We have been working a lot on cutting skills. I love the concentration on her face as she cuts the pictures apart.

2017-05-24 14.53.58

We made a boat and put the pictures in the boat.

2017-05-24 14.57.50

We played a matching game with the pictures.

2017-05-24 15.06.09

The last activity we did for the day was a science experiment. I love these!! My students are not always the best at making predictions. I get a lot of, “I don’t know what will happen.” And I say, “Just make a guess!” a lot. So, I love these experiments where the students have to make a hypothesis. For this activity, we made a tin foil boat and stuck it in water. Then, we guessed how many rocks could fit on the boat before it sank. There were so many factors we had to think about. Like, “Does the size of the rock matter?” We tried only small rocks for the first test. Then we tried only big rocks.  Finally, we did a mix of the two. It was interesting to see this student think out loud about what might happen and why it was happening.

I am excited for the rest of the month’s activities and look forward to learning more about topics relating to islands.


** I receive curriculum from Mother Goose Time for honest and authentic stories resulting from my daily experiences using the curriculum. This is my 2nd year using Mother Goose Time, and I am pleased to promote quality educational learning experiences through play with Mother Goose Time!

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