Safari So Good

This week, we got ready for a SAFARI! We packed our bags, got our passports together, made hats, made binoculars, and talked about safety.

This month, we are learning the color orange. The students searched around the room for something that was orange. They brought their items back to circle time and shared it with the group. After showing everyone what they found, the students took turns placing their item in a suitcase. This activity was a little different than the other color activities we usually do. The students were very excited about getting to put things into the real suitcase.

We talked about real things you might pack in a suitcase when you travel. We decided that the most important things we need are a shirt, pants, shoes, and our toothbrush. We played a fun game. I laid out picture cards of things you might pack in your suitcase. The students closed their eyes. I took one picture away. The students had to guess which picture was missing. This was a little tricky for a few of them so I let them use the packing list that came with the game to double check each picture.

This week, we got our passports ready to travel to Africa. I took pictures of the students for the front of the passport. I told them not to smile. Their pictures are hilarious and cute. The students practiced stamping in their passports.

For art this week, we made a Safari hat and binoculars. I decided to keep the hats and binoculars in the preschool room for the whole month. Each class day, we will put on our gear and head off for our Safari. Next week, we will learn about elephants, rhinos, lions, and more!

For literacy, we are learning the letter S. I had the students pick a sock. Then, they had to go around the room and find their matching sock. Each sock had a picture in it. The students pulled out their picture, and placed it on the letter S card if it started with an S. If the picture didn’t start with an S, the students did not put it on the S card.

Mother Goose Time always includes 2 storybooks with each box. In this month’s box, one of the stories is called “Sock Fari.” It’s about a bear who has several socks, but its pairs are missing. The bear hunts for each matching sock throughout his house. As he’s hunting, he pretends that he is on a Safari. He finds many animals along the way. It’s a cute story. My students wanted me to read it to them every day. They thought it was fun to see the socks taking the form of animals.

One last activity we did this week was use the math links shown in the picture below. I told the students to help me make fences to put around the animals to keep them safe from us and to keep us safe from them. They got creative and made all sorts of shapes in lots of different sizes. I think my favorite part about this activity was watching the students take my directions (to make a fence and put the animals in it) and turn it into a learning activity. The students were practicing making all different kinds of shapes. They were making triangles, rectangles, hexagons, and a few others. They were practicing making the shapes big and small; then sorted them by size. Math manipulatives are one of my favorite things. I love that I can hand a child math manipulatives to play with and they will practice a skill that they need to know while simply playing with the items.

This week was a fun week! Next week, we will start our African Safari. We will explore lions, elephants, rhinos, and more!

** I receive curriculum from Mother Goose Time for honest and authentic stories resulting from my daily experiences using the curriculum. This is my 3rd year using Mother Goose Time, and I am pleased to promote quality educational learning experiences through play with Mother Goose Time!

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