Flamingos and Beetles

This week we finished up our Safari theme. We learned about watering holes, trees, flamingos, and beetles!

Learning about flamingos was fun. There were so many fine motor skills and gross motor skills involved with the flamingo activities. One of the first activities we did was pretend to be flamingos. I spread string around the room and told the students to use their thumb and pointer finger to pick up the string. We were pretending that the pieces of string were fish, we were flamingos, and our fingers were our beaks. Learning to pinch and grasp objects is an important skill for preschool aged kids. Developing those fine motor skills will build finger/hand strength, This is beneficial for when the child starts writing.

Then, I gave each of the students a pink feather. We practiced a few different things with this feather. First, we practiced naming different body parts. I would say, “Put the feather on your elbow.” Or “Put your feather on your head.” Next, we practiced prepositions. “Put the feather under your shoe.” “Put the feather behind you.” Finally, I gave them two and three step instructions to do with their feather. “Put your feather on the floor and walk around it.” “Pick up your feather, stick it on your head, and try to sit down with it still on your head.” This activity was more exciting because they got to use a feather and they were practicing some pretty important skills for preschool aged kids.

For our art activity, the student’s made flamingo puppets. Mother Goose Time suggested that the students try to color their flamingo puppet using their feet. So we did! We were laughing so hard. It is not easy to color with your feet.

We took our puppets to the table and finished our puppets there. We glued feathers on, straws for the long legs, and a googley eye.

We learned a lot this week. Flamingos was probably our favorite day. Close second was learning about beetles. I’m just going to mention one activity we did with beetles because my students had a lot of fun. They played a matching game with cards that had beetles on them in the form of a shapes. The students could flip two cards over and try to match the colors OR the shape. This game really made you think. The students had to explain why they think they got a match. Did they match the color or the shape? What colors are they? What shapes are they? It felt like a higher thinking matching game than just the normal matching game.

Our Safari unit has come to an end. We learned so many things. Next week we will move on to our new theme: Health and Fitness.

** I receive curriculum from Mother Goose Time for honest and authentic stories resulting from my daily experiences using the curriculum. This is my 3rd year using Mother Goose Time, and I am pleased to promote quality educational learning experiences through play with Mother Goose Time!

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