Learning by Playing with Musical Instruments

This month’s theme from Mother Goose Time is “Sights and Sounds of Winter”. We spent this whole first week learning about instruments in an orchestra. We had so much fun playing around and learning through play.

One of the first activities we did was practice writing our name. The students are getting so good at writing their name. I’m constantly impressed by how well they are doing for being so little. The younger ones are working on writing the first letter of their name and identifying all the letters in their name. The older ones are perfecting writing their first name and moving on to writing their last name. We practice writing our name a few times a week. And the hard work is paying off. The students can see progress in themselves and are excited to be writing their OWN name.

After we finished writing our names, the students practiced tapping out the syllables to their name and other words on our toy drum. This is great practice for them to listen to the different sounds in each word and divide the word into chunks. Learning and understanding syllables will help them in the future with decoding words when they start to read, and spelling, when they start writing more words on their own.

Playing on the drum was fun, but my students LOVED making their own flute and pretending to play it. What I liked about the flute was there were different colored circles on the front. The students could pretend to play a song as they made up a pattern using the colored circles. 

Another instrument we learned about this week was the violin (and other stringed instruments). The craft activity we did was a little difficult for the kids. They had a difficult time stringing the yarn through the holes to make the strings on a violin. Most of them wanted to thread the string through all the holes on one side first, then move to the other side. With a lot of help from me and my teacher helper, the students were able to create their own violin. 

The last instrument we learned this week was the piano. The students had a lot of fun making patterns and pretending to play on the piano. A lot of my students were more interested in the piano then any of the other instruments. Most of them have played a real piano. Plus, I have a real piano in my home that I could show them and we could pretend to play. One of the piano activities was practicing playing colored noted on a paper keyboard. The students followed patterns and made up their own patterns. 

We had so much fun this week. My students could probably do a whole month of learning about different kinds of instruments. Music is a big part of preschool and my students are drawn to it. 

Next week, we will learn about the outside sights and sounds of winter (ice, snow, birds…). 

** I receive curriculum from Mother Goose Time for honest and authentic stories resulting from my daily experiences using the curriculum. This is my 3rd year using Mother Goose Time, and I am pleased to promote quality educational learning experiences through play with Mother Goose Time!

One thought on “Learning by Playing with Musical Instruments

  1. Isn’t it amazing what children are capable of if we give them time and opportunity, like with letter and name writing? Thanks for your post on Sights & Sounds of winter with Mother Goose Time. #MGTblogger


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