Simple Math

We have been learning about Sights and Sounds of Winter. This week, we learned about the sights and sounds we see and hear outside. We learned about winter birds, snow, ice, and more! Living in a warmer climate where there is no snow, it was fun to hear the student’s experiences with cold. A few of them didn’t know what icicles were… 

We have been doing a lot of math lately. We have been sorting by like things, counting numbers, identifying numbers, ordering numbers from 1 – 10, using 1-1 correspondence, identifying shapes, and flipping/rotating those shapes to create a product. Preschoolers need to learn the basic math concepts first and have a solid foundation of numbers to move on to more challenging math in the future. The activities we did this week are going to help them practice those skills. 

This week, we practiced identifying colors and sorted beads by colors. The students grabbed a handful of beads from a bag and used the color mat to sort their beads. After we sorted the beads, I had the students count to find out which color had the most and which color had the least amount of beads. With this simple activity, the students were practicing identifying colors, sorting by colors, counting using 1-1 correspondence, and comparing amounts to find the greatest/least. The students loved this activity from Mother Goose Time. They wanted to do it several times. A few of them even asked if they could do it during free play time.

Sorting beads by color. 

We also used the beads to count. We used the number mat that had the numbers 1-10 on it to help us. We placed one bead on the number 1, 2 beads on the number 2, and so forth. This activity was a little more challenging for the students because they had to identify the numbers 1-10 before they could place beads on it. It was great practice for identifying numbers, using 1-1 correspondence to count, and even great practice with fine motor skills–picking up/ pinching beads with fingers and placing them where they go.

Placing the amount of beads to match the number. 

Mother Goose Time always sends math manipulatives in each month’s box. This month, we got a bag of shapes. The students love to create pictures using these shapes. This week, we made animal snow tracks with the shapes and took turns guessing which animal tracks they had made. Some were more difficult to guess them others. Then, I let them free play with the shapes. They LOVE when they get to explore and do their own pictures with the shapes. They are very creative. I make them tell me what they plan on doing with each shape as they create. “Where are you going to put the triangle?” I’m hoping this will help them remember the shapes better and help them be able to identify more shapes. 

One last math activity we did this week was actually my favorite activity. The students put together a different kind of puzzle. This puzzle was a number puzzle. The numbers 1-10 were written on the bottom. The students ordered the pieces (or strips) from 1-10. If ordered correctly, they got an awesome picture of a winter bird. It was easy for them to see if they numbered correctly. If they did it wrong, the picture wouldn’t look right. They could see that they needed to fix or switch some numbers around. This activity is helping them identify numbers 1-10 and helping them put the numbers in the correct order. AND it’s fun because you get to see a cute picture of a winter bird when you are finished.

I love that Mother Goose Time’s activities hit so many skills that students need to learn and practice. One activity can cover 3 or 4 concepts of learning and the activities are always engaging for the students. We are excited for next week: Sights and Sounds of Winter– Inside! We will be talking about cookies, stockings, fire safety, house guests, and more.

** I receive curriculum from Mother Goose Time for honest and authentic stories resulting from my daily experiences using the curriculum. This is my 3rd year using Mother Goose Time, and I am pleased to promote quality educational learning experiences through play with Mother Goose Time!

One thought on “Simple Math

  1. Aww, no snow or icicles? I agree Mother Goose Time allows us to work on so many skills with fun activities! Thank you for sharing. #MGTblogger


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