Everyday Birds

** I receive curriculum from Experience Early Learning (formally known as Mother Goose Time) for honest and authentic stories resulting from my daily experiences using the curriculum. This is my 5th year using Experience Early Learning, and I am pleased to promote quality educational learning experiences through play with Experience Early Learning.

One of my all time favorite birds is the hummingbird. I am so fascinated by how fast their little wings need to move and they are constantly eating. We get a lot of hummingbirds in our backyard where we live. My 4-year old must have special princess powers because the hummingbirds are always flying around her and singing.

This week, we learned about birds that live in trees (with Experience Early Learning’s curriculum). These are birds that you could see in your very own backyard (depending on where you live)! Another bird that we get a lot in our backyard is the woodpecker. I never knew this until we did this preschool lesson! I guess I never knew what a woodpecker looked like!

The first activity we did this week was all about colors. Birds can be every color of the rainbow. I stapled white scrap paper together to make a booklet for each child. We took turns spinning the spinner of colorful birds to tell us what color bird we were going to be drawing in our booklets. Each page would be a new drawing of a different colored bird. This lesson was perfect for all of my kids. My youngest is just learning his colors. He was excited to spin the spinner and tell us what the color was! My second child practiced drawing birds using shapes and lines. My oldest added detail to each bird. This was my favorite lesson of the week. It was so fun, and everyone could participate.

The letter of the week is “X”. We used loose parts to create x’s. We discovered that ‘x’ has 2 lines. We used the letter mats from Experience Early Learning to build our letter.

I have loved watching my girls play together this week. They are getting along and have a great relationship. They genuinely love spending time together. This week, they played a game together and they built a puzzle together. I love that they cheered for each other and helped each other when one of them wasn’t sure what to do.

The game we played from Experience Early Learning was fun! We pretended to be birds. We rolled the number cube. We moved our bird piece that many spaces. If we landed on bird food, we took it and placed it in our pile. If we didn’t land on anything, we had to wait for our next turn. The goal of the game was to get one card for each type of food, then go back to the nest and eat your tasty treats.

We also completed a puzzle this week. We talked about strategies for building a puzzle. I love how they worked together.

We had a lot of fun learning about birds this week. We even did some bird watching in our very own backyard. Next week, we will learn about exotic birds.

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