** I receive curriculum from Experience Early Learning (formally known as Mother Goose Time) for honest and authentic stories resulting from my daily experiences using the curriculum. This is my 5th year using Experience Early Learning, and I am pleased to promote quality educational learning experiences through play with Experience Early Learning.

This week with Experience Early Learning (formally Mother Goose Time) we talked about rhymes with food in it. Yum! I was wishing I would have made some of the food for the kids. My favorite day (and nursery rhyme for the week) was the day we explored “Pat-A-Cake”.

We started the day by reciting the nursery rhyme together. I laid out our loose letter mats for the month: letters A, G, and Q. The students each took a turn picking a mat. Then we recited the rhyme. When we got to the part that says, “Mark it with a…” we inserted the letter the child chose into the rhyme. The student who chose the letter traced it with their finger on the mat. The rest of us pretend to write the letter on the floor.

Our small group literacy activity for the day was all about sequencing. The students used words like “First, next, then, and last” to tell a story. Experience Early Learning sent story cards in their box for this day of how to make a cake. The students looked at the cards, and worked together to order them in the right way. They really had to pay close attention to each card and think about what might come before or after a card.

After we sequenced, the students went over to the play dough station. They made cakes out of play dough. I loved hearing them use the vocabulary “First, Next, Then, and Last”. First, you roll out the playdough. Next, you make 4 or 5 layers for the cake. Then, you stack the layers on top of each other. Last, you slice up the cake and pretend to eat it. Their cakes turned out awesome!

This month we have been learning the shape: heart. My students wanted to show me how to make a heart with their hands.

Our math activity was based on a cake walk. I was wishing it was a real cake walk and that I had cupcakes for everyone at the end of the game. Oh well! It was still fun. I spread out numbers 1-6 on paper cupcakes around the room to form a circle. The students walked around the circle to music. When the music stopped, I called out a number. If a student was standing on that number, they came over and put foam hearts on our cake poster.

Our last activity, was our art activity. This was probably the best art activity of the year! Why have I not been using more puffy paint in my life? Puffy paint is really cool. And it’s kind of fun to squish once it’s dry. The students made cupcakes. They used cupcake liners, paper, confetti, and puffy paint! Experience Early Learning’s teacher guide book taught me how to make it. I had no idea that mixing shaving cream and glue would create so much fun.

The white lines on the plates were the students names that I whited out for privacy.

One of my students told his mom that “this was the best day ever!” We did have a lot of fun together this week. Next week is the last week with the nursery rhymes theme. I’m sad it’s almost over, but can’t wait to see what’s in store for us.  

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