F is for Frog

We recently played a phonics game (from Mother Goose Time) that helped the students practice the sounds for the letters ‘F’, ‘P’, and ‘K’.


Each student got their own game board, die, and frog game piece. The students were most excited for the frog game piece.


They rolled the die, identified the letter and sound, then moved their frog to the closest picture that starts with that sound/letter.


The learning goal for this activity was different for each of my students depending on their skill level. One of my students is a lot younger than the rest. Her goal was to be able to identify the pictures on the game board. I would call out a picture and have her move her game piece to that picture. As she named the picture, I would emphasis the beginning sound and say something like, “Fish starts with the sound /f/.”

Then, there are those students who are starting to read simple 3 letter words. They already know all the letters and sounds. How can I make this activity more challenging for them? After they identified the letter, sound, and found a picture that begins with the letter, I challenge them to tell me what other sounds they hear in the word. “Can you tell me the ending sound of the word ‘frog’?” If we had more time for this activity, I would have encouraged them to write the letters of the sounds they hear and see what letters they think spell the words. It could be a cool way for them to connect that the sounds they hear are letters that can be written to make up words you can read.

By the end of the game, students could tell me the sounds these 3 letters make as well as words that start with these letters. I love learning games like these. I don’t even think that any of the students realized they were learning. In their minds, they were playing a fun game!

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