Life In The Pond: Pond Plants

** I receive curriculum from Experience Early Learning (formally known as Mother Goose Time) for honest and authentic stories resulting from my daily experiences using the curriculum. This is my 5th year using Experience Early Learning, and I am pleased to promote quality educational learning experiences through play with Experience Early Learning.

We had so much fun this last week learning about pond plants. We explored submergent, and emergent plants. We also explored bog plants, floating plants, and algae with Experience Early Learning’s curriculum.

I recently had a prospective preschool parent ask me if I teach letters and other academic stuff or if it’s more of a play preschool / daycare kind of thing. I was so excited to share with her all the things that we do in preschool. I was especially excited to share with her the curriculum I use and how literacy is a huge part of the preschool day.

This week, we had some many meaningful literacy activities. For one of the literacy activities, I wrote the letters of the month on rocks. I submerged those rocks in water. The students took turns picking a rock out of the tub and placing that rock on the right letter mat. At the end, we counted how many rocks were on each letter mat.

We did a similar activity to the rock activity above. This activity was with duck manipulatives that were sent to me by Experience Early Learning as the math manipulatives for the month. The students picked a picture, told us what letter that picture starts with, and stuck a duck counter on the plate with that letter. The students are building their vocabulary and letter knowledge with this activity. We counted how many ducks were on each plate at the very end.

Another literacy activity we did this week was build letters with sticks. It has been raining all week here so I wasn’t able to go out and get real sticks. But, I had a ton of craft sticks that we used. We also used the letter mats for this month to give us a visual for how we might make the letters with the sticks. Some of the students wanted to make other letters and even their name out of the sticks! One student asked me for string for the letters with curves. I was impressed by their letter building skills. While they were building the letters, I was asking them questions. What letter are you making? What’s a word that starts with that letter? What sound does that letter make?

We found “W”s with the ‘I Spy Game’ from Experience Early Learning. This game is so fun! The students love it. They find the pictures that start with the letter ‘W’ and color those pictures in with markers or crayons. This activity is helping them hear the initial sound at the beginning of a word.  

One last activity we did with literacy was write the letter ‘W’ on a piece of paper. The students traced over it with their finger. Then, they traced over it with glue. I had a ton of supplies for them to use to decorate their ‘w’s.   

Literacy is such a big part of my preschool curriculum. I love that I get to teach these cute kids letters, letter sounds, reading comprehension, vocabulary, phonological awareness, communication and listening skills. I also love that I get to teach them how to write their name! We do a lot of name activities and the students learn to recognize their name, they learn the letters in their name, and they learn to write it on their own. It’s so rewarding watching them learn such an important skill and seeing how excited / proud of themselves they are as they learn to write their name.

I can’t wait to continue this fun month of learning about the pond!

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