Life In The Pond: Snakes

** I receive curriculum from Experience Early Learning (formally known as Mother Goose Time) for honest and authentic stories resulting from my daily experiences using the curriculum. This is my 5th year using Experience Early Learning, and I am pleased to promote quality educational learning experiences through play with Experience Early Learning.

This month’s theme from Experience Early Learning (formally Mother Goose Time) is: At The Pond. We have had fun exploring animal life on the pond. This week we have talked about turtles, snakes, ducks, tadpoles, and frogs.

My students are really into snakes, so snake day was very exciting. I asked the students what they would do if they saw a snake. One student said they would scream and run away. Another student said he wouldn’t do anything. And another came up with a whole elaborate plan on how he was going to catch the snake and keep it for a pet.

The color of the month is black. We love our color wands that we get from Experience Early Learning. The students love searching for things around the room that are that color and waving the wand around it. For our community challenge, the students took turns finding black scrap paper from the variety of colors I spread out on the floor. Once everyone had a black piece, we worked together to build a big, black snack!

Color Wands from Experience Early Learning

We explored our theme poster for the month. The students pointed to different things they could find in a pond. We pretended to move like the different creatures on the poster. They slithered around on the floor like a snake. It was challenging to move from one place to the next without using our hands and feet. They waddled around like a duck. They hopped like a frog. The students picked a Looking Glass and found that picture on the poster. Together we counted the total number of that animal on the poster.

Theme Poster and Looking Glasses from Experience Early Learning

For small group literacy, I used the letter mats for the month: N, Z, and W. I pretended that I had several pieces of string that were snakes. The students needed to use the string (or the snakes) to make the letters of the month. They also used play dough. They rolled play dough pieces into snakes and formed letters with those pieces. The letter mats are helpful and gives the students a visual of how to make each of the letters.

The last activity we did was our craft activity. The students made snakes using pipe cleaners, straws, beads, and imagination. Some students wrapped the pipe cleaner around so it was a snake bracelet. Other students kept the pipe cleaner straight for one long snake. One student got creative and stapled his straw on the end of the pipe cleaner. He stuck a bead in the straw and stapled the other end closed too. The bead rattled inside the straw. He had made a rattlesnake!   

We are having so much fun exploring the pond this week. My students are excited to see what we are learning next!

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