Carrying Baby

Animals carry their babies in many ways. This week with Experience Early Learning (Formally Mother Goose Time), we are learning about how mama animals carry their babies.

The first way we learned about was “in the mouth”. When I showed the students the picture of the lion mama carrying her cub in her mouth, one of my students exclaimed, “Oh no! That lion is eating the baby!” (I love preschoolers so so much.) Of course I explained that some animals get carried in their mouth because their moms have no other way of holding them. I assured them that it doesn’t hurt the baby to get carried that way.

This month, we are also learning the numbers 9 and 10. Experience Early Learning has some awesome number cards that I used with the students this week. On a card is some circles. On the bottom of the card, there are 3 different numbers. The students counted the circles, then clipped a clothespin on the correct number at the bottom. I love this because the students are practicing counting, 1-1 correspondence, number recognition, and it’s something different that we don’t normally use for counting.

After we counted and identified the number on the card, the students rolled play dough into balls and used the clothespin to pick up the play dough and stick it on the number mat or cards. They made enough balls to match the number on the card.

This month, we are also learning the color orange. Each month there is a new color to learn. For this month’s orange activity, the students passed the orange wand around. I set 2 stuffed animals in the middle of a circle surrounded by paper ovals. I told them that they were going to feed the baby animals. But these baby animals only eat orange things! They thought this game was exciting and engaging. The students had fun finding something orange and pretending to feed it to the baby animals.

For art, we made baby turtles and baby fish. My students are very creative. They cracked me up when they finished their baby animal and said, “Look! Miss Jaimee, I’m carrying my baby on my head.”

This month with Experience Early Learning’s curriculum, we are learning the letters: C, S, and R. The students are doing a great job learning these letters. One game that we had a lot of fun with was we took turns tossing a bean bag at a pile of pictures. We identified whether that picture started with an S, C, or R. After deciding the right letter, that student would put a tangram on the big letter card. When we were finished with the game we compared how many tangrams were put on each card. We picked out which letter card had the most tangrams, and which one had the least.

Next week we will learn about animal homes and keeping babies safe.

** I receive curriculum from Experience Preschool (formally known as Mother Goose Time) for honest and authentic stories resulting from my daily experiences using the curriculum. This is my 5th year using Mother Goose Time, and I am pleased to promote quality educational learning experiences through play with Experience Preschool with Mother Goose Time!

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