Walking Through The Woods

This week, we took a walk through the woods with Experience Early learning (formally Mother Goose Time). We explored pine trees, pine cones, snowflakes, icicles, and snowmen!

I mostly focus on math and literacy with my little preschool group, but every once in a while we get to explore science. This week, we explored life science as we discovered the life cycle of a pine tree. My students were shocked to discover that the pinecone holds the seeds of the plant. They thought that was so cool. We made 3D pine tree life cycles.

We learned the color green this week. Experience Early Learning sends color wands in their box each month. This month’s color is green. The students love when I get out the color wand. They like to find things that are green around the room and touch it with the color wand. This week, the students pointed out things that are green outside, like grass, trees, and bushes.

Each month we learn a new pattern. This month’s pattern is AABB. We worked together to practice building on the pattern of: snowflake, snowflake, icicle, icicle. Patterns are everywhere! The pattern of the month is also displayed on our calendar with the days.

We did a lot of great math activities this week with Experience Early Learning‘s preschool curriculum. One of my favorites was using the pictures of the snowflakes to measure how tall we are. Most of the students were around 25 snowflakes (if I’m remembering correctly). But it was fun to compare our heights this way. It was fun to see who was the tallest and by how many snowflakes taller. The tallest person and the shortest person were 4 snowflakes apart. Using non-units of measurement is a great foundation to beginning measurement. We measured other things around the room using the snowflakes and would say, “This item is 10 snowflakes tall.”

Another math activity we did was also a play dough activity. The students picked a snowman card and made a matching set of snowmen with their play dough. They counted how many balls they needed for the snowmen and made that many with the play dough. Their snowmen turned out to be really cute. I was wishing I would have put out extra materials for them to decorate their snowmen, like eyes, material for scarfs, twigs, and paper.

For literacy this week, we focused on the letter “P”. P is for purple paint. We used purple water colors to color in the pictures that start with the letter P.

Next week is all about winter gear. We are going to try on jackets, scarfs, mittens, hats, and boots. Where we live, it is warm. The temperature in winter various, but it is mostly in the 60s and 70s. We don’t need thick coats, scarfs, hats, boots, and gloves. I think my students are going to be very excited to try everything on and for us to pretend that we traveled to some place where it is very cold and snowing.

** I receive curriculum from Experience Preschool (formally known as Mother Goose Time) for honest and authentic stories resulting from my daily experiences using the curriculum. This is my 5th year using Mother Goose Time, and I am pleased to promote quality educational learning experiences through play with Experience Preschool with Mother Goose Time!

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