I Can Be Creative

This was the last week of the theme Community Helpers from Experience Early Learning (formally Mother Goose Time). We learned about creative jobs. These jobs include musicians, actors, dancers, writers, and illustrators. We had a lot of fun exploring each of these careers.

Each preschool day, we do 4 activities from Experience Early Learning (formally Mother Goose Time). They are: Community Challenge, Creative Corner, Math, and Literacy.

Community Challenge

Our favorite community challenge activity this week was when we were learning about actors. We each got our own puppet. We took turns introducing our puppets. Things got a little out of hand when my puppet (the firefighter) tried to talk to the tiger and the wolf. My students pretended to attack and I’m pretty sure I got eaten. But other than that, things went great! The students named their puppets and really got into pretending that they were that puppet. We talked about what it means to be real and what it means to pretend. We talked about real vs. fake. We decided that it was fun to pretend to be something different for a little bit.

Creative Corner

My favorite craft we did this week was making a microphone. I think it was my favorite because my students got really into it. They made their microphones (which was a pretty quick activity) then they took turns pretending to sing. They were so hilarious.


Math was so fun this week! We loved pretending to be illustrators and draw pictures. We used shapes to help us draw the pictures. It was interesting to see what the students crated and how different all of their drawings were. My students love playing with the shapes. First, they created their design on the paper with the shapes. Then, they traced the shapes. Finally, they embellished their drawings by adding a face, clothes, or whatever else they needed to add to make it look more real. Their drawings were adorable. We didn’t have time, but I was thinking to extend this activity, I could have the students dictate sentences about their drawings. Then we could combine being the illustrator and the author.


This week we read our “I Can Read” book. I have been impressed with how well my older students are reading this year. They have really shown an interest and are excited for their books. They love that they get a book of their own to take home and show off to their families how they can read.

I also taught the word family –ig this week. Learning to read is an important step in becoming a writer. We are starting small and will build on their knowledge to help them become excellent readers. The younger ones are being exposed to words and letter sounds. And the older students are understanding and making connections to letter sounds and words. They are exploring making words and sounding out words. It has been fun to watch this group learn to read.

We start our new theme from Experience Early Learning next week: Winter in the Woods. I love this time of year and cannot wait to explore the next theme with my students.

** I receive curriculum from Experience Preschool (formally known as Mother Goose Time) for honest and authentic stories resulting from my daily experiences using the curriculum. This is my 5th year using Mother Goose Time, and I am pleased to promote quality educational learning experiences through play with Experience Preschool with Mother Goose Time!

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