I Can Be A Banker

This week with Experience Early Learning (formally Mother Goose Time), we learned about factory workers, chefs, bankers, shopkeepers, and hairdressers. We had so much fun with this month’s preschool curriculum. We got to take each other’s orders, create different hairstyles with playdough on pictures of ourselves, and pretend to buy and sell things with fake money.

My students loved playing with pretend money. I had a lot of fake money. We passed an envelope around with all the money and took turns taking one dollar each until there was no more money left in the envelope. Each student got six dollars. We practiced counting up as we grabbed a new dollar each time.

Play money from Experience Early Learning (formally Mother Goose Time).

For art, we made and decorated our own wallets. The students used their cutting skills to cut apart the money, thus improving their fine motor skills. We put the money in our wallets. They each got six dollars. The students wrote their name on their wallet. I love any opportunity we get to practice writing our names.

For math, we worked on simple math story problems. The students got to use the pretend money to solve the problems. There are 4 story problems each month that we do using this preschool curriculum. We always use manipuatives. The story problems get progressively more difficult. The first problem is usually a counting problem. The second and third are usually a simple addition problem. And the last problem is the most challenging one. It is usually a subtraction problem or a multiplication problem. The students used the pretend money to count out how much money the problem says they should have. Using manipulatives is a great way for students to solve simple addition problems. They can visually see how addition works. They can see that if they have three dollars and add two more dollars, they will have five dollars because they will actually be holding that much pretend money.

We talked about how we keep money in banks. Some of us have our own banks at home to save our money in. A lot of banks are pigs. The students played a literacy game. There were three piggy banks with a letter on each of the pigs: D, J, U. The students rolled the letter cube. Whatever letter they landed on was the piggy bank they put a coin on. We used real coins. After a few rounds, the students compared amounts on the piggy bank mats. When we were finished with the game, the students got to put the coins into a real piggy bank.

Next week is the last week with our theme: community helpers! We have enjoyed every job we have learned about so far with this month’s preschool curriculum. We cannot wait to learn about creative jobs next week.

** I receive curriculum from Experience Preschool (formally known as Mother Goose Time) for honest and authentic stories resulting from my daily experiences using the curriculum. This is my 5th year using Mother Goose Time, and I am pleased to promote quality educational learning experiences through play with Experience Preschool with Mother Goose Time!

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