Barns and Silos

This week was a short week because we are on fall break. We were able to learn about barns and silos from Experience Preschool (formally Mother Goose Time). It was interesting to hear what the students knew about barns and silos. They all could tell me what a barn was, and they all thought a silo was a water tower. It was fun to teach them something new.

Silos hold grains for animals to eat and they help keep those grains from spoiling. We played a game with animals and oats. The students spun a spinner. Whatever animal it landed on was the animal you fed. They scooped up the oats with a spoon and carefully poured it into that animal’s bowl. After everyone got 2 or 3 turns, we compared bowls. Which animal had the most oats? Which one had the least? There were some animals that would get no oats and the kids always felt bad. They would tell me that we have to keep playing until that animal gets food or he is going to be so hungry. This game helped us with fine motor skills, waiting patiently for our turn, and comparing amounts. The kids were having so much fun that they didn’t even realize they were learning.

Preschool Curriculum with Experience Preschool (formally Mother Goose Time)

Barns are buildings that shelter animals and farm equipment. We talked about what animals might live in a barn. The students made a matching game. They colored 4 different farm animals. Me and my teacher helper helped the students attach a wheel of the animals to the barn that was already cut out. The students spun the wheel, found their matching animal, and had that animal go inside the barn.

Preschool Curriculum with Experience Preschool (formally Mother Goose Time)

Another activity that we did that was a lot of fun was making barns with craft sticks. I think my favorite thing about this activity was my realization that kids are simple. They don’t need all these fancy toys to play with, although those are fun. Kids have such big imaginations. All they need sometimes are a pile of craft sticks. Or a cardboard box. Or some cups, oats, and spoons. Something so simple can keep them entertained for a while AND teach them skills they need to learn.

Preschool Curriculum with Experience Preschool (formally Mother Goose Time)

Learning about barns and silos was so much fun! There is still a lot to discover on the farm. Next week we will finish our discovery of what’s in the barn.

** I receive curriculum from Experience Preschool (formally known as Mother Goose Time) for honest and authentic stories resulting from my daily experiences using the curriculum. This is my 4th year using Mother Goose Time, and I am pleased to promote quality educational learning experiences through play with Experience Preschool with Mother Goose Time!

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