Me and My Family

We started our new preschool year this week! It was so fun to meet all the new students and to get back into the routine of school.

This month’s theme from Mother Goose Time is: Family and Pets. I LOVE this curriculum from Mother Goose Time for so many reasons. A lot of thought and work is put into each lesson to make them fun, engaging, simple, and my most favorite part is that the activities are mostly if not all the way prepared for you saving you so much time on planning and prep and giving you more time to do other things.

This is my 6th year teaching preschool and I forget every single year how challenging that first month is getting the students into a routine. I get asked the question, “When do we play?” so many times that first week of school. After a few days of using the Mother Goose Time curriculum, the students quickly learn that there is a lot of play time in preschool. Most of it is structured play time, but I feel that learning through play is the best way to learn especially for these little ones who can’t sit still for too long.

We started the week by learning about ourselves and our family members. On the first day of school, we talked about our families and the people who are in our family. We called it “Our Family Tree” and shared a little bit about the members in our tree.

The first activity we did was our Community Challenge. The students said a rhyme with me and helped me count apples on a tree that I drew on the whiteboard. This was so fun. The students helped me act out the rhyme and were so excited to pick an apple from the tree and pretend to eat it. Each time an apple got picked, we counted how many apples were left on the tree. This was a fun way for the students to practice counting back from 5.

For our small group stations, we practiced writing our name, counting to 1 and 2, and practiced building the letter F with our loose parts. For our name practice, I wrote their names in highlighter on the name tags. Then, I laminated them. We used whiteboard markers to practice writing the letters on the name tag. The students loved this! I can keep these name tags all year and use it with name writing practice. Or I can send it home at the end of the month with a whiteboard marker and have them practice their names at home.

For our counting practice, we are focusing on counting to 1 and 2 this month. The students rolled some play dough in a ball. Then, they rolled the cube that had cards of either one or two people on it. If the students rolled 1 person, they stuck 1 person stick in the play dough. If they got 2, they stuck two in there. This station helped them with fine motor skills, counting, 1-1 correspondence, and waiting for a turn.

For our letter station, the students used the loose parts to build the letter F. Then, they had the bugs trace or walk over the letter F.

One of the last activities we do of the day is our art activity. The students made a tree and put red stickers on it to represent each member of their family.

We have had so much fun getting to know each other. I am excited for the students to have fun experiences this year and for them to learn a lot through the activities we do each day. Next week, we will talk about ourselves and our feelings.

** I receive curriculum from Mother Goose Time for honest and authentic stories resulting from my daily experiences using the curriculum. This is my 4th year using Mother Goose Time, and I am pleased to promote quality educational learning experiences through play with Mother Goose Time!

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