Discovering Chemical Reactions

This week we started our new theme from Mother Goose Time, Science Lab. I know it wasn’t quite August yet at the beginning of the week, but we were too excited to get started. Science is so fun because it is usually hands on. The kids love being able to explore new ideas through experiments. It is fun to make hypotheses and test out theories. This first week was all about chemistry. We had fun making mixtures and exploring reactions.

Today we learned about chemical reactions. We started the day by learning about safety. We learned about different scientists this week from the amazing book pictured below. Alfred Nobel invented TNT. His experiments used to blow up or cause fires. We learned about fire safety rules and why it’s important to be safe when mixing chemicals together. My girls were a little nervous when we got started and kept asking me, “Shouldn’t we be wearing googles or masks before we start mixing chemicals?” I assured them over and over that the experiments we were going to do were safe and we were going to be okay.

Our first experiment was the classic baking soda mixed with vinegar experiment. First, I had my girls make predictions of what they thought would happen when they mixed baking soda with vinegar. What about baking soda mixed with water? We tried the water first. They discovered that the water made the baking soda turn into a sand paste. I told my girls that when I was little, my mom had me put this water/baking soda mixture on my bug bites to help with the itching. Next thing I know, my girls are rubbing the mixture all over their arms. I was getting a little worried that they were going to think that this reaction (baking soda and water) was cooler than the vinegar reaction. I tried to move on several times and I would get the response, “Hold on. I’m not finished yet.” We finally made it to the vinegar/baking soda mixture (10 minutes later) and they absolutely loved what happened. The vinegar made the baking soda bubble like soda! It was a big hit.

Our next experiment was to write a secret message on white paper with lemon juice. After the paper dried, we put them in the sun to see what kind of reaction the sun and lemon juice would have. It made the secret words and drawing show through!

The last thing we did was our craft. We created fireworks using glue, salt, and watercolors. The directions were to draw a firework on the paper with glue. Next, sprinkle the salt on the glue. Finally, paint over the salt with watercolors. I don’t know why I thought the salt and watercolors would have some kind of chemical reaction, but it didn’t. The salt gave the fireworks texture. They looked just like real fireworks.

Next week, we will explore physics and I can’t wait!

** I receive curriculum from Mother Goose Time for honest and authentic stories resulting from my daily experiences using the curriculum. This is my 3rd year using Mother Goose Time, and I am pleased to promote quality educational learning experiences through play with Mother Goose Time!

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