M is for Moose

We are having the best summer ever! I was a little worried because this is the first year where we didn’t have a summer vacation planned. We did a trip earlier in the year and we are doing one a little later in the year. So… we are stuck at home this summer… with temperatures above 100!! But it has been so much fun! We have loved exploring a new letter each day and have loved getting to do all the fun activities Mother Goose Time has planned for us. This week, we learned about Moose. My girls were so curious about the Moose’s antlers. What are those things on his head? What are they used for? How big are they? Are they spikey? I have not personally ever seen a moose nor do I know anything about them. So, we researched stuff on the internet and found the answers to most of their questions.

We made Moose headbands. I loved this art activity. My girls traced their hands to use as antlers. Then, they traced their foot to use as the moose’s head. They turned out adorable! I think it’s fun to use hands, arms, and feet in a craft. We walked around with our antlers on trying not to bump into anything.

We played a Moose antler game. The girls picked a number card and arranged that many antlers on the moose’s head. We used sticks as antlers. They did a great job taking turns, recognizing the numbers, and they even made some cool antler designs.

The last activity we did was explore Moose tracks. First we explored them with play dough and then with ink.

My girls used their fingers in the playdough to make Moose tracks. Then, they thought it would be fun to put sticks in the playdough like antlers. After that, my older daughter got an idea to make a moose out of playdough and stick the antlers in the playdough moose. It evolved fast, but I like the direction they went. It is activities like these that are helping this be a fantastic summer. They get to explore with playdough and create what they want to create. And what they created was fantastic!

Another thing we did with moose tracks was trace the letter M with ink. We pretended a moose was walking along a letter M path and the ink was his footprints. My girls thought it was fun to use their finger as a stamp. I don’t let them do ink activities very often, mostly because I feel like the ink gets everywhere. So, when I do get the ink out, it’s a very good day.

When we are done with this unit, I am definitely taking my girls to our local zoo. It will be fun to see all the animals we learned about and remember what we learned about them. Next week, we will learn letters S-Z and finish up our animal study.

** I receive curriculum from Mother Goose Time for honest and authentic stories resulting from my daily experiences using the curriculum. This is my 3rd year using Mother Goose Time, and I am pleased to promote quality educational learning experiences through play with Mother Goose Time!

One thought on “M is for Moose

  1. Love the moose headband! Fun activities for letter M. Glad your girls are enjoying their summer. #MGTblogger


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