H is for Hippopotamus

This week we continued learning our letters. We learned letters F-K. Our favorite day was learning about Hippos! I feel like a really cool mom because of the fun activities we do. My girls are loving every minute of Mother Goose Time’s curriculum. I am so glad we get to do this together every morning. It’s fun to give my girls one on one time and give them a chance to show me what they know.

My girls decided that Hippos are the scariest animal on the planet. They came to this conclusion while we were talking about how aggressive and unpredictable hippos can be. Hippos like to lay by water and cool off in mud. They are super heavy. You do not want a hippo to sit on you. While we were learning about hippos, we pretended we were nice, helpful hippos.

Mud Play

Hippos like to roll around in the mud. We played a game with bear counters, sand, water, and a die. My girls rolled the die. They put that many bears on the sand pile. I think they did this once, and then they just wanted to play. They were having so much fun so I let them. While they were playing I noticed that they were taking turns, counting, sorting bears by color, and working together. They played with the sand and bears for a whole hour!! Definitely their favorite game of the week. I felt like such a cool mom. They were thanking me for letting them do such a fun activity. And I was just blown away by how many skills they were practicing with just one simple playtime activity.

H is for Hippo

This month’s “I Can Read” book is called: Animals A to Zoo. It is full of black and white pictures of each animal/letter we are learning about this month and a simple sentence about that animal. This book is basically a coloring book which is fun because the kids can take it out when they have a free moment or they are bored. My older one practices reading the sentences and my younger one practices identifying the letter each animal starts with.

Listen & Draw

When was a time you were helpful? We read a story called: Birthday for Bear. My girls acted out the story with the story pieces. Then, we thought of our own times when we were helpful. They drew a picture of it and dictated a sentence to me. We love these books from Mother Goose Time. They are from the “Forest Friends” series and always teach some valuable character trait in a clever, easy to follow story.

Next week, we will learn letters L-R. We are excited to see what animals we will learn about next.

** I receive curriculum from Mother Goose Time for honest and authentic stories resulting from my daily experiences using the curriculum. This is my 3rd year using Mother Goose Time, and I am pleased to promote quality educational learning experiences through play with Mother Goose Time!

One thought on “H is for Hippopotamus

  1. Thanks for your great post on letter H. Your girls are so cute and look like they are having so much fun! #MGTblogger


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