Getting Soapy

This week was all about soap and BUBBLES!! I love soapy water bubbles. Even as an adult, I still find them very fun to play in. That’s probably why I don’t mind washing the dishes. My students seemed to feel the same way I do. This week with Mother Goose Time‘s curriculum , we learned about the word family -ub, practiced drawing shapes, made a car wash, wrote letters in shaving cream, and used bubbles to help us identify letters.

Each month we learn a new word family. This month we learned “-ub” words: cub, rub, sub, tub, club, scrub. Mother Goose Time has “I Can Read” books that go along with the word family for the month. This month’s book was called “Rub-A-Dub-Dub.” I love these books so much! The students love these books so much. They are simple, cute stories that the students could easily read after a few word family and sight word lessons. Plus, they are predictable so most of the students just memorize the words. I make the students point to the words as they read helping them make connections as they read. These books give the students the confidence they need to start reading.

Another activity we did this week was practice drawing shapes. The students were excited about this activity because they love using whiteboard markers to draw. I put shapes in the foam die. The students rolled to see which shape they would get to draw. Then they drew the shape.

My students’ favorite art activity this past week was making a car wash to play with during centers. They were excited about counting the money and paying for the wash. They loved driving the cars through the front part of the car wash. It was an exciting day for them. Most of them have been through a car wash so it was fun for them to pretend play that the cars were getting a wash.

One of my all-time favorite activities is letting the students write in shaving cream. It is always an engaging lesson and the students have fun while learning. We practice writing individual letters as well as words. The students can practice writing their name. The students can practice pretty much any form of writing or drawing that they need to work on. Sometimes I let them draw pictures in the shaving cream. The possibilities are endless and fun!

One last activity we did this past week was use bubbles to help us identify letters. We wrote letters on scrap paper and spread them out on the floor. The students took turn blowing bubbles. When a bubble landed on a letter, the students would call out the letter name the bubble touched. They would try to get the bubbles to land on a specific letter. They got so excited when a bubble landed on the letter they were going for. MGT (Mother Goose Time) is really good at creating activities for preschoolers that help them learn through play. Activities are engaging and students are excited to learn because learning looks like structured play.

Next week we will learn more about water and have a water day!

** I receive curriculum from Mother Goose Time for honest and authentic stories resulting from my daily experiences using the curriculum. This is my 3rd year using Mother Goose Time, and I am pleased to promote quality educational learning experiences through play with Mother Goose Time!

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