Cowgirls and Cowboys

This week we started our new theme: Discover the Desert. We transformed into cowgirls and cowboys by learning about boots, making cowboy hats and lassos, pretending to ride horses, and performing in a rodeo.

The students had a lot of fun each day. When I was reflecting back on the week, I couldn’t pick a favorite day. Instead of talking about a specific day, I decided to pick 4 activities from the week that were the most loved by me and the students (from the Mother Goose Time curriculum).

1. Making Shapes with Rope and Connecting Cubes

I put 6 different shape cards into the pocket cube. The students rolled the cube, then used some rope to make that shape. After they made each shape with the rope, I got out the connecting cubes that came in this month’s Mother Goose Time box. The students used the cubes to make shapes. After a few shapes they decided it was difficult to make shapes so they were going to make letters. This activity was good practice for shape recognition, letter recognition, creativity, working together, and having fun!

2. Drawing Faces for Cowboy Hats

This activity was hilarious! The students were so creative. Their job was to make a face that one of the cowboy hats could go on. There were 4 different types of cowboy hats. I think each student made about 3 or 4 different faces. Some students added a lot of detail to their pictures. It was interesting to see them making these faces. I have a few students that still scribble when they color. But, with this activity, every student used shapes and lines to draw their faces and they all turned out really good! This was good practice for pencil control and creativity.

3. Making Cowboy Hats and Lassos

Art activities are a huge part of preschool. I always make sure we have an art piece every time we meet. This week was fun because our art activities were all things related to cowboys and cowgirls. We made cowboy hats and lassos. My students started dressing up as cowgirls all on their own by the end of the week. Both of these art activities were “make and play” projects. These are great for the students to use during pretend play.

4. Counting “Horses”

Our most favorite activities are the ones that feel like we are just playing, when we are actually learning and practicing a skill. This activity was a perfect example of that. The students took turns hiding a handful of “horses” or connecting cubes. They had to count how many they hid so they could tell their group, “Find 6 horses.” Before the group searched for the horses, they made corrals to put the horses in once they were found. As they found the horses they put them safely in their corral. This game was great for counting practice.

Next week we will learn about the Sahara desert and the Mohave desert. It should be fun!

** I receive curriculum from Mother Goose Time for honest and authentic stories resulting from my daily experiences using the curriculum. This is my 3rd year using Mother Goose Time, and I am pleased to promote quality educational learning experiences through play with Mother Goose Time!

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