Field Day

Field day was a success. My preschool field day looked a little different then an elementary school field day. I was going to set up stations where we race and compete, but I thought that might end in tears. We still did events like long jump and high jump, but we competed with ourselves instead of with the other students. I took a lot of activities from the Mother Goose Time lesson plans for the week and used them at our field day. It was really easy prep and so much fun! Below are a few of the activities we did for our field day.

Tower Race

For this activity, the students had to work together to build a tower with the blocks that was as high as the strips of paper on the wall before the timer was up! The students had to be quick, they had to measure, and they had to work together.

High Jump

The students rolled a cube that had the lowercase and uppercase letters we are learning this month: letters A, Q, and G. Whatever letter they landed on, was the letter they had to jump up high to and touch. The letters had to be adjusted for each group of students so they all had an opportunity to reach a letter. Like I said before, this is preschool, and I didn’t want it to end in tears because someone wasn’t tall enough to reach a letter. And I also didn’t want the taller students to be bored because they didn’t have to jump for the letter.

Long Jump

I laid a red string across the yard. That’s where the students started their jump. I gave each student a shape block. They jumped as far as they could. I had them put their shape down where they landed. Then, we went back to the red string and tried to beat our jump by jumping a little farther.

Catch it in a Cup

This activity changed with each group. The original activity was lining cups up like bowling pins and knocking them over with a ball. The cups had the letters for the month on it, so it turned into, “Can I throw my ball into the A cup?” or whatever cup it was. And that eventually turned into everyone getting their own cup and throwing your ball up in the air and trying to catch it in your cup. I loved the evolution of this game. It makes me smile that the students turned this game into something totally different, but it worked.

Throw it to the Number

For this activity, I wrote numbers 1-6 on paper and taped them to the wall. The students rolled a die. They identified the number, then threw a ball at that number on the wall. This activity was good for gross motor skills, as well as identifying numbers.

Bouncy House

Crazy hair! The bouncy house was easily the biggest hit. The students had a lot of fun. Plus, they jumped for 5 minutes straight. It was a great workout for these kids.

Frog Hats

We took a little break from our physical activities and made frog hats. This art activity turned out cute. The students loved pretending to be frogs and hop around. My students are so creative! I was going to do a hopping race, but we ended up not having time for it.

Water Balloon Toss

One last activity we did was a water balloon toss. This activity was so fun. They did amazing! I thought there would be a lot more kids wet from the water, but they were all pretty good at catching.

Field day was so much fun. It was nice to get outside and move around. The weather was perfect. The activities were fun and well liked. Overall it was a huge success.

Next month, we start our new theme about Deserts!!

** I receive curriculum from Mother Goose Time for honest and authentic stories resulting from my daily experiences using the curriculum. This is my 3rd year using Mother Goose Time, and I am pleased to promote quality educational learning experiences through play with Mother Goose Time!

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