Keeping the Germs Away

This week, we talked about preparing food. We talked about washing our hands before handling food. Washing our hands is so important in helping us stay clean and healthy.

I started the day by showing the students how germs spread. I took a handful of cotton balls and told the students they were germs. I pretended to sneeze and spread the cotton balls all over the students. Then, I pretended to wipe my nose with my hands and when they weren’t looking, I squirted a little bit of hand sanitizer in my hands. Then, I pretended to sneeze again. I apologized and shook each student’s hand. They were super grossed out that my hand was wet. “Uh… what’s on your hand??” It was kind of fun for me to see their reactions. We talked about why it’s important to sneeze or cough in our arm or sleeve. We don’t want to spread germs. And we discussed why we should always wash our hands after blowing our nose; so we don’t spread germs.

The student’s first activity was making germs with pattern blocks. They were the cutest little germs I’ve ever seen. They made up their own designs and followed the designs that Mother Goose Time sent in the box for this activity. The students were practicing shape recognition and following a pattern with this activity.

Next, we did an art activity. The kids made a door hanger with a poem on it about washing your hands. A lot of the students said they would hang it on the door of their bathroom so they remember to always wash their hands before leaving the bathroom.

For our literacy activity, I put letters in plastic bags. The students traced over the letters with a dry erase marker. Then, they got to use the spray bottle to wipe away the marker and clean off the letter. This activity was so much fun and great for fine motor development. The students got to practice writing letters. They got to use the spray bottle and spray water onto the bag. This activity was also a fun way to learn how to write the letters of the month. This would be a great way to teach the students how to write their name. They could trace over their letters, then spray and wipe it off. The students were most excited about the spray bottle. Using the spray bottle added an extra element of engagement.

This month has been so much fun learning about staying healthy, healthy foods to eat, and healthy habits in the kitchen/kitchen safety. Next week, we are going to learn about exercising and my students are going to have a field day, if the weather allows. It should be great!

** I receive curriculum from Mother Goose Time for honest and authentic stories resulting from my daily experiences using the curriculum. This is my 3rd year using Mother Goose Time, and I am pleased to promote quality educational learning experiences through play with Mother Goose Time!

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